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“Dzain” (“Voice”) Libertarian Conservative Party, having the greatest appreciation for a citizen, is a libertarian conservative, center-right positioned party, capable of giving the best responses to the challenges Armenia faces in the 21st century, aimed at civil rights and freedoms.


The party conceives the “Human, Law, State” triune in this succession of precedence’s where the Law is seen as a means for regulating the relations between individual Human beings and factions, and the State, with the most expediently decentralized government, a viable and complex system belonging and serving to a human being and citizen. 

We see the provision of justice as one of the fundamental missions of the State, considering any interference in the judicial processes impermissible. We are convinced that the failure of this mission by the State leads to incredulity of the citizens towards the future and the search for alternatives to their own homeland. We aim to preserve and reinforce the faith of the citizens and the spirit of the sovereignty of Armenia, realizing the right and opportunity for the Armenian people and RA citizens to live in a just, lawful, and sovereign Republic of Armenia.


Declaring our party human-centered, Armenia-centered and state-oriented, we seek the unification of the Armenians spread all over the world in favor of the Armenian statehood mission. We seek the fulfilment of our cooperation with them, and we struggle for a state policy of equalization of rights and duties among all RA citizens.


We are voicing a complaint about the tax, customs, monetary, administrative policies that pose a repressive obstacle to the population, business, and economy of Armenia, and we believe that the relief of the burden placed on economic agents by an inefficient state system contributes to the increase of participation of the creative powers of the community in the economy, and to fostering efficiency.


We consider the increase of combat effectiveness, material and technical state-of-the-art provision and prudent knowledge-based operation of the arms industry of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia as a priority. We consider the combat effective and modern Armed Forces as the primary guarantor of the security and protection of the vital interests of the Republic of Armenia.


We reject the Armenian subjective foreign policy of the lesser of evils which is a cultural, psychological, and objective impasse, and as a means of gaining peace and security, of guiding the Armed Forces, by formulating and pursuing a multifaceted foreign policy and efficient diplomatic activity, we seek the diversification of foreign policy alternatives for the Republic of Armenia.


We conjoin freedom with respect, well-being – with justice, sovereignty – with co-operation, and conservatism - with innovation and creativity.


We highly appreciate the past, at the same time we realize the challenges of the present, and through the supply of abilities, skills, and volitional consistency, we seek to build a purposeful future of Armenia. We value time and history, and even in excitement, storms, and disasters, we shall show common sense, calmness, and determination.


We position as a rational and necessary voice for building the present and future of the Republic of Armenia.

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