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Arusyak Hayrapetyan


President of the Libertarian Conservative Party "Dzain"


Arusyak Hayrapetyan was born in Yerevan, on 4th of October,1975 from a scientist father and journalist mother.


She studied at the University of Montreal, the University of Geneva, as well as at the HEG of Geneva. With two master's degrees, one in Art another in Management, she has over 15 years of management experience in the private sector. Excellent knowledge of Armenian, Russian, French, and English languages, as well as intermediate knowledge of German.


Married, mother of two sons.    


She’s been active in political and public life in the Republic of Armenia since 2013, particularly for Human Rights and political prisoners defense in the struggle against dictatorship, with the activities of two charitable foundations, which she co-founded with her father, Felix Hayrapetyan.


On March 21, 2021, she founded the DZAIN Libertarian Conservative Party in Armenia.            

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