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Sovereign and fair state for free citizens

Our political ideal is "maximum freedoms and securities for the citizens, minimum state interference in the economy".

Public Demonstration

We are

Sovereign and fearless


To establish a State where the citizen is protected, and where there are all favourable conditions for the full self-expression and progress of a person.


A State where the rule "Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you" is mandatory for everyone and, first, for every civil servant. A country where the best human qualities are valued, not devalued.


To the citizens

  • Maximum freedom

  • Maximum security

 To the communities

  • Maximum autonomy

  • Maximum protection

To the economy

  • Minimal intervention by the state

  • Minimum tax burden

 To the State

  • Maximum efficiency and good management

  • Least possible volume and charges

About Us

«Dzain» («Voice») Libertarian Conservative Party, based on the historical past of the Armenian people and realizing the development processes of the modern world, as a political party is the holder of the libertarian conservative ideology. 


The party regards the principles and values of the multi-party, democratic system as cornerstones and always operates within their framework. It positions center-right. 

The mission of the party is to assure the preservation of national identity and personal freedoms in the process of state-building.

The party was founded on March 21, 2021 and was officially registered on May 25 of the same year.

Libertarian Conservatism

Libertarian conservatism is a political ideology that represents the libertarian wing of conservatism. Libertarian conservatism, also known as fusionism, combines a conservative approach to traditions and the appreciation of human freedoms. It is a right-wing political philosophy that unites libertarian and conservative ideas.

Libertarian conservatism protects the greatest possible economic freedom and the minimum regulation of social life, reflecting the principle of non-interference (laissez-faire), while applying the principles of conservative philosophy, emphasizing the state, responsibility, and duties. Libertarian conservatism in its quest to reduce state power as much as possible, tends towards the greatest possible economic and human freedom and provides minimal adjustments in social life.

It is an ideology that sees as possible the combination of freedoms, human and civil rights and a viable, decentralized but resilient State. Libertarian conservatism does not exclude or sacrifice freedom while building a State and does not sacrifice its historic homeland and state to dubious progressist ideas. 

Libertarian conservatism is the ideology of sovereignty. The free and responsible citizen has his State, which protects him and provides all necessary conditions for self-realization.

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