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Statement on the events that took place in the NA session hall on August 24

We strongly condemn the unacceptable incident that occurred in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on August 24th, and remind the newly elected deputies of the Republic of Armenia that:

1. The war declared and started on September 27, 2020, against Artsakh, but also against the sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia and the right of Armenians to live in their territory, is not yet over.

2. The borders, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia continue to be threatened.

In this context, any person, official, deputy, party, or group, who causes instability and makes explosive the internal political atmosphere of the Republic of Armenia, positions himself directly as enemy of the Republic, whether he or she acts in full awareness of their action or out of political imbecility.

Therefore, we remind the deputies unable to control their emotions and their vocabulary in the National Assembly, unable to contribute to overcome the crisis by their activities and their knowledge, to put down their mandates and to leave. The mandate given by the citizens of the Republic of Armenia must be used for something other than riots in the National Assembly.

To those deputies, who can understand the gravity of the moment, we remind to start working really in this crucial period of the Republic of Armenia, acting exclusively in the interest of the Republic of Armenia.

Do not kill, by your political immaturity, the last chances of the existence for the sovereign Republic of Armenia.


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