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Statement on the events on July 28 at the RA border

We call all Armenia-centered political forces of the Republic of Armenia to unite around one clear agenda, clearly expressing our position and will, that is to demand from the current ruling power to choose the most favorable civilizational direction for the Republic of Armenia for international cooperation, which will allow access to regional and universal legal mechanisms and toolkits of security.

In order to ensure its security and maintain its sovereignty, the Republic of Armenia needs international partners whose reliability and sincerity of goals are undoubtful, and who will be ready to replace the nonfunctioning mediation and allied guarantees that exist today.

We call Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to appeal to US and French Presidents the Minsk Group Co-Chairs to return to the negotiating table to help Armenia to resist the Russian-Turkish pincers that surrounds Armenia, and in which Armenian soldiers are killed every day, under the Azerbaijani aggression, despite the ceasefires guaranteed by the Russian Federation.

Ready to serve the Republic of Armenia and regardless of all the political disagreements, we also offer the ruling force the diplomatic and negotiation potential of our party members to serve the security of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia and its sovereignty.

«Dzain» LPC Governing Body

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